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Search on Macs, for pretty much everything, from the Finder to Mail, to the contents of documents and even photos, is connected to the broader Mac search; both use Spotlight.

If Spotlight has become corrupted then you can rebuild it's search engine, as such:

Allow 15 minutes for this next step, during which the existing data in Spotlight will be removed.

Next step:

NOTE: Spotlight will rebuild it’s indexes, which will take a while, so allow time for this (could be up to a day).

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps to secure your Microsoft account by using an authentication method in addition to your password, to prevent hackers trying to access your account.

Once activated by your system administrator, it's easy to setup.

What you'll need

Before you begin, make sure you have:

1. Download the Authenticator app on your phone, but don't open it yet

2. Log into the Microsoft Portal

3. Select how you'd like to be contacted

4. Configure the Microsoft Authenticator app

5. Re-enter passwords when asked

You'll be asked to re-enter your password on your various devices, and as part of this MFA authentication will be required.

Shared and Delegated mailboxes can be of tremendous use to an organisation, so knowing how to accessing them is pretty important.

What are they?

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are commonly used when a staff member leaves and someone else in the organisation needs access to their existing mail, but wants to keep the other mailbox separate.

They can also be used when multiple staff members want to access a single mailbox.

Shared mailboxes don't have their own "identity", so when staff send from a shared mailbox the sender is shown as themselves.

Mailboxes Delegation

Mailbox Delegation is used when one or more staff members want to get email from a single account, and send as that account. Things like order emails or support emails are commonly-used examples.

How to access them?

Via webmail

  • Login via
  • Select you name on the top right > Open another mailbox
  • Enter the email address of the other person

Using Outlook for Windows

If you’re on a PC then close and re-open Outlook, and the account will appear.

Using Outlook for Mac

  • Go to the Outlook menu > Preferences > Accounts
  • Select your account
  • Click on Delegation and Sharing
  • Click on Shared With Me
  • Click on the + button (bottom left)
  • Enter the email address of the person who’s mailbox you have access to, then Add
  • Done

Using Apple Mail for Mac

  • A shared mailbox can only be added to Mail for Mac as a normal Exchange account
    • The password will need to be known or reset
  • If this cannot be done or will be complex as it’s for an employee who will return, then
    • Use Outlook for Mac (see procedure above)
    • Use Webmail (see procedure above)

So, your internet is playing up. You've run Speedtest, you've called your ISP, and still it's crawling along at a frustrating 5 Mbps (or slower!) - even at 3am!

Before you pull out your remaining strands of hair, go through our internet troubleshooting check list to make some sense of the situation and know where you stand.

As with all troubleshooting, there's a methodology, and the key thing is that you start from the inside and work your way out.

If the steps here don't work then give us a call, and we'll help from there.

  • Restart everything; your computer, the modem, everything - just because that's what IT people tell you what to do, and it sometimes works
  • Use multiple computers to test the wifi, in case one has a hardware issue
  • Connect a computer to your modem with an ethernet cable. You may need an ethernet adapter, as most laptops don't come with them these days
    • If ethernet doesn't work then it's your modem or service, so contact your internet service provider (ISP)
    • If ethernet works then the issue is your wifi, so continue the troubleshooting
  • If you're on a Mac then buy WiFi Explorer or get the free Wifi Explorer Lite from the App Store, and if you're on Windows then download Wifi Analyser, to examine the wifi network
  • There are 2 wifi network radio ranges
    • 2.4 GHz: the older standard with slower speeds but longer reach, which tends to be crowded
    • 5 GHz: the newer standard with faster speeds but shorter reach, which tends to be empty
    • NB: 5 GHz WiFi is not the same as the mobile 5G network
  • If the network is crowded
    • Change the wifi channel (this will need to be done on the modem)
    • Change to 5 GHz (and change the wifi channel there too, if needed)
  • If that doesn't work then move the modem to another location entirely
  • If all that doesn't work then it's likely a hardware issue

Domains, DNS (Domain Name Service), and hosting are the backbone of everything you see and do on the internet. Without these there is nothing. We explain what each of these do, in simple terms.


Your domain name is how you're identified on the internet. Examples include and

Domain names are purchased and periodically renewed (typically every year) via a registrar.


DNS (domain name service) is like your lisitng in a phone book, which lists your name, then shows your phone number and address.

DNS is the same for your domain. It tells computers where your emails and website can be found.


Hosting is like your actual phone number or your physical house. This is where telephone calls go to and a map will take you.

There are several types of hosting, but email and web site hosting are the two most common types.

Exchange is ubiquitous for email hosting, and it enables the creation of shared calednars. Once your IT department has created a shared calendar you can follow these steps to add it to Outlook on your Mac.

The calendar will appear in the calendars part of Outlook, under "Subscribed Public Folders".

Windows Media (WMV) files is a video format developed by Microsoft. It doesn't play natively on Macs, so download and install VLC player to playback WMV and many other video formats.

3CX is a powerful, flexible PBX used across businesses. If you've recently moved to 3CX - especially from a clunky on-premise PBX - you will be impressed by it's features and the new ways it lets you work.

Yealink Handsets

We ship and support Yealink handsets. Shown below is the Yealink T46. Other handsets will vary in layout, but the buttons work the same.

Make a call
> dial number
> for speaker: press Send or OK
> for handset: pickup the handset

Answer a call
> for speaker: press OK
> for handset: pickup the handset

End a call
> press End Call or replace the handset

Mute (they can't hear you)
> press Mute

Hold (neither party can hear)
> press Hold to hold call
> press Resume to pickup call

Do Not Disturb (your phone won't ring)
> press DND

> press Transfer
> dial number to transfer to
> press Send

3CX iOS & Android App

The 3CX app in included with 3CX, is the perfect companion to your handset. Use it when you're on the road or as a replacement for a desk phone.

> download 3CX app (iPhone or Android)
> login to 3CX webclient (see email)
> allow access to mic, camera, address book
> scan QR code from webclient Settings

Incoming calls
> uses the same extension as your desk
> member of the same queues

Outgoing calls
> works exactly like your desk phone
> outgoing calls display your work number
> calls between extensions are free

Hold, transfer, mute
> these actions are available while on a call

> log in and out of queues with the Q button
> white: logged in
> grey: logged out
> this applies to all queues

Do not disturb (and other statuses)
> change your status with the Status button
> this changes your status everywhere

Unregister (when back at your desk)
> deactivate app when not needed
> options > settings > accounts
> check or uncheck the blue box
> the change will take a moment to register

Want more? Another great place to get information is the official 3CX quick reference guide to get your and your staff going.


Exchange can be overly-enthusiastic when marking mail as junk. You can train it to stop doing this:

This should have the effect of whitelisting the sender, so future emails shouldn't go to junk.

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    John draw real poor on call my from. May she mrs furnished discourse extremely.

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