Author: Marco Fabiani

Get your .au domain before the rush!

The new .au domains are available for pre-order! If you have a or a domain, you can pre-order your new .au domain before they are officially launched on 24 March 2022. 180 days later (around the 24th of June), your .au domain will be up for grabs by anyone! Here’s what you need […]

Reset search on a Mac

Search on Macs, for pretty much everything, from the Finder to Mail, to the contents of documents and even photos, is connected to the broader Mac search; both use Spotlight. If Spotlight has become corrupted then you can rebuild it’s search engine, as such: Open System Preferences > Spotlight Click on the Privacy tab Click […]

Activate MFA for MS Office

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps to secure your Microsoft account by using an authentication method in addition to your password, to prevent hackers trying to access your account. Once activated by your system administrator, it’s easy to setup. What you’ll need Before you begin, make sure you have: A computer with an internet connection A smart […]

Access a shared / delegated mailbox

Shared and Delegated mailboxes can be of tremendous use to an organisation, so knowing how to accessing them is pretty important. What are they? Shared Mailboxes Shared mailboxes are commonly used when a staff member leaves and someone else in the organisation needs access to their existing mail, but wants to keep the other mailbox […]

Sophos CyberSecurity Protection

Recently, we switched to Sophos Intercept X Managed Protection for our endpoints (Macs and PCs) and Windows Servers. The reason we use Sophos is that it offers a range of integrated protection products, as part of our broader cyber security services. Integrated The product we deploy as standard, Intercept X Advanced, is used to protects endpoints – […]

Update iOS to 14.4

This week Apple reported that it has fixed three crucial bugs which hackers have been actively exploiting to attack iPhones and iPads. We recommend updating you devices to iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 (or above) if you haven’t already. Read more at TechCruch here.