3CX cheat sheet

3CX is a powerful, flexible PBX used across businesses. If you’ve recently moved to 3CX – especially from a clunky on-premise PBX – you will be impressed by it’s features and the new ways it lets you work.

Yealink Handsets

We ship and support Yealink handsets. Shown below is the Yealink T46. Other handsets will vary in layout, but the buttons work the same.

Make a call
> dial number
> for speaker: press Send or OK
> for handset: pickup the handset

Answer a call
> for speaker: press OK
> for handset: pickup the handset

End a call
> press End Call or replace the handset

Mute (they can’t hear you)
> press Mute

Hold (neither party can hear)
> press Hold to hold call
> press Resume to pickup call

Do Not Disturb (your phone won’t ring)
> press DND

> press Transfer
> dial number to transfer to
> press Send

3CX iOS & Android App

The 3CX app in included with 3CX, is the perfect companion to your handset. Use it when you’re on the road or as a replacement for a desk phone.

> download 3CX app (iPhone or Android)
> login to 3CX webclient (see email)
> allow access to mic, camera, address book
> scan QR code from webclient Settings

Incoming calls
> uses the same extension as your desk
> member of the same queues

Outgoing calls
> works exactly like your desk phone
> outgoing calls display your work number
> calls between extensions are free

Hold, transfer, mute
> these actions are available while on a call

> log in and out of queues with the Q button
> white: logged in
> grey: logged out
> this applies to all queues

Do not disturb (and other statuses)
> change your status with the Status button
> this changes your status everywhere

Unregister (when back at your desk)
> deactivate app when not needed
> options > settings > accounts
> check or uncheck the blue box
> the change will take a moment to register

Want more? Another great place to get information is the official 3CX quick reference guide to get your and your staff going.