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Domains and DNS explained simply

Domains and the Domain Name Service (DNS) are the backbone of the internet, and without them it just wouldn't work. We explain what each of these do, in simple terms. Domain A domain is the basic building block. It's normally the part after the @ symbol in your email address. Examples include apple.com and google.com […]

Create a shared Exchange calendar visible to Macs

Exchange is ubiquitous for email hosting, and it enables the creation of shared calednars. Once your IT department has created a shared calendar you can follow these steps to add it to Outlook on your Mac. In Outlook, go to Tools > Public Folders Under your email address click on the folder which has been […]

Play WMV files on your Mac

Windows Media (WMV) files is a video format developed by Microsoft. It doesn't play natively on Macs, so download and install VLC player to playback WMV and many other video formats.

3CX quick reference

3CX is a powerful PBX. If you've recently implemented a 3CX then download the quick reference guide to get your and your staff going.

Mark mail as not junk

Exchange can be overly-enthusiastic when marking mail as junk. You can train it to stop doing this: Log into webmail: https://outlook.office.com Select the email which has been marked as junk (it'll be in the junk email folder) At the top you'll see "This message was identified as junk. We'll delete it after 30 days." Click […]

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