Sophos CyberSecurity Protection

Recently, we switched to Sophos Intercept X Managed Protection for our endpoints (Macs and PCs) and Windows Servers. The reason we use Sophos is that it offers a range of integrated protection products, as part of our broader cyber security services.


The product we deploy as standard, Intercept X Advanced, is used to protects endpoints – PCs, Macs, tablets, phones. Infrastructure is protected with different products. At the standard level, Sophos protects against malware, ransomware, exploits, and viruses, and offers device encryption, anti-phishing, email protection, and web filtering (you saw this in action when it stopped access to alcohol sites).

For servers, we deploy Intercept X Advanced for Server to protect the physical server and it’s hypervisors.

If you wanted to provide intrusion protection and device isolation in the event of an attack, we could deploy the Sophos Firewall to protect against attacks entering your network; deployed via either a physical device or a cloud service.

As corporate security needs grow, Sophos offers higher product levels with more features. For example, Intercept X Advanced with MTR offers proactive 24/7 global threat hunting to guard against threats before they arrive at your door.

And all Sophos products are monitored and managed from a single dashboard, so we can see and manage threats to your business.

Sophos is not just a product for today, but for when your business grows.


Many companies are purchasing cyber security insurance, and these require providers like us to sign-off on IT parts of the business. For these sign-offs we are liable, so we won’t provide sign off for anything which we don’t manage, or with inadequate coverage.

Should you apply for cyber insurance, you may be subject to carve-outs and increased premiums at the very least, or even denied coverage. For certain business types – finance, medical, for example – these choices are even more important to get right.

You Decide

As a business owner it’s your right to decide your risk appetite, but as an IT provider we strongly advise against using consumer-grade products as they just do not cut it in the business world. Sophos provides advanced protection now and even better protection in the future, if and when you need it.

If you’d like the protection of Sophos Intercept X (or above) please call us on 02 8213 4225 or email