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Highbury's smooth move

August 15, 2015

Highbury Partnership is one of Australia's leading independent financial advisers.

They advise their clients on strategic and always highly confidential financial transactions, including recommending on takeovers, advising on the sale of assets, recapitalisations, IPOs, and mergers.

About a year after starting in a serviced office, they needed more space, and needed their IT to move with them, and be much more secure.

The Brief

FCR had been with the same IT service provider for many years. The relationship was waning, and infrastructure was outdated, exposing FCR to outages and without proper support.

It was time to find a new IT support provider which offered a range of solutions, and which could help them move with the times and implement a number of new technologies to streamline operations and save costs.

They engaged iHelp IT in 2012 to provide quality technical support and consulting, maintain and update their equipment, and help their staff on an ongoing basis.

An initial, free consultation identified a number of areas of improvement.

The Solution

iHelp IT identified key areas where the business could improve it's IT, reduce risks, and streamline it's business, including.

• Multiple on-premise services were migrated to the cloud
• Business continuity was ensured by implementing local and secure cloud backups
• Security was improved via the removal of old user accounts
• High-speed internet access was implemented, at a lower cost than the previous service
• Network security was improved through new router equipment and directory integration
• Support costs were fixed via iHelp IT’s iCare managed service product

Subsequently, FCR saved 45% on their phone bills by implementing iHelp IT’s My Cloud Phones cloud-hosted PBX

The Outcome

Today, FCR enjoys a smooth, integrated IT environment, with continuous updates and monitoring. FCR rests easy in the knowledge that their IT services are in good hands, and their IT dollars are well spent.

Their staff are able to call on iHelp IT's technical assistance without hesitation, knowing that having all their IT services under one roof means problems are quickly solved.

With significant savings on services like internet and phone systems, FCR is able to direct funds towards improving their IT investment and strategically planning for future growth.

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