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  • Sophos CyberSecurity Protection

    Sophos CyberSecurity Protection

    Recently, we switched to Sophos Intercept X Managed Protection for our endpoints (Macs and PCs) and Windows Servers. The reason we use Sophos is that it offers a range of integrated protection products, as part of our broader cyber security services. Integrated The product we deploy as standard, Intercept X Advanced, is used to protects endpoints – […]

  • 6 Reasons Employees Shouldn’t Use Their Own Equipment

    6 Reasons Employees Shouldn’t Use Their Own Equipment

    So, you’ve got some staff. Mostly full time, maybe some are part time, maybe even interns. You decide that they have their own computer and you can save some coin by letting them use that instead of company-owned gear. Bad idea! There are a range of reasons why this is bad business practice. Some technical, […]

  • Hold off on a new iMac until mid 2021

    Hold off on a new iMac until mid 2021

    Apple’s exciting new CPU processors are around the corner, and if the Apple M1 chip is anything to go by, get ready to get happy. Apple is expected to put it’s own silicon in iMacs and MacBook Pros by mid 2021, so if you don’t need to replace your current equipment, then hold off.

  • Update iOS to 14.4

    Update iOS to 14.4

    This week Apple reported that it has fixed three crucial bugs which hackers have been actively exploiting to attack iPhones and iPads. We recommend updating you devices to iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 (or above) if you haven’t already. Read more at TechCruch here.

  • Protect yourself from the latest ransomware tactics

    Protect yourself from the latest ransomware tactics

    Ransomware can destroy your business. Thousands of Australian businesses have received ransom threats over the past year. As a business owner, you need to ask yourself whether your business could afford to pay a $50,000 ransom to stop your corporate data being deleted? How would you react? How would the loss of money or your […]

  • Disable WiFi Direct on Printers

    Disable WiFi Direct on Printers

    Have you recently purchased a new printer? Excited that it has WiFi direct, even though you’re not really sure what it is? Don’t be. It’s useless. Here’s why. WiFi direct is a technology which allows your printer to create it’s own WiFi network, and it ships with many new printers. Once done, your computer or […]

  • Best in Breed Solutions

    Best in Breed Solutions

    Over the many years we’ve been around, we’ve seen many products and services come and go. Over time we’ve developed a best-in-breed suite of software and services we recommend for small business. In developing this, our guiding principle has been to deliver the best outcome for our clients. Find out what we recommend and (more importantly) why we recommend it.

  • Stop coronavirus killing your business

    Stop coronavirus killing your business

    What would happen if one of your staff was diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus? The head of accounts? The star sales performer? The CEO? This is the existential threat thousands of small business owners are facing right now. Coronavirus is jumping to new countries daily, and a vaccine is still in the early stages of […]

  • The importance of power

    The importance of power

    A recent visit to the doctor highlighted just how much we rely on electricity, and the importance of backup power and alternatives. There I was, chuffed that I had rocked up at the doctor’s office at 7:29, a whole minute early for the 7.30 opening. The lights weren’t even on yet. There was only one other […]