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Data loss can devastate a business, and can come from so many sources.
Insurance will replace things, but you cannot recover lost productivity or opportunity.
Preventing data loss and minimising downtime can mean the difference between having a business and not.


Hardware gets old and eventually fails, no matter the brand. Know when to replace equipment and what to replace it with.


Even the best staff can make mistakes, and bad staff happen to good businesses. The incompetence of others can result in loss.


Your competitors want your clients, thieves want your computers, and scams abound online. Prepare your business against attack.


Documentation will help your business through staff changes, whether via attrition, promotion, or misadventure.


Insurance can cover you from fire, theft, flood, hurricanes, and plagues; but it won't bring back years of work and missed opportunities.

24 point plan

Our 24-point security & continuity report will show you where your business is vulnerable, and what to do about it.
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