iHelp IT provides affordable Mac and Apple technical support across Sydney, including after hours and on weekends. Onsite services are available to small and medium businesses, homes and schools, to help you with all your Apple, Mac, iPhone and iPad needs.

Apple Support

Apple Support IconWe have over 20 years experience delivering Apple technical support, ensuring your iMacs, Mac Minis, MacBook Pros, and iPads, servers and network run smoothly.

You can choose a support level to suit your business: casual, prepaid, or managed services, all delivered remotely and on-site.

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iCare Managed Services

iCare Managed Services IconiCare Managed Services delivers fixed-price support to your business, ensuring your staff have minimal down time.

We take care of all your IT needs, proactively maintaining your computers, network, and servers. iCare customers enjoy priority technical support, both remotely and on-site.

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Data Security

Data ProtectionYour corporate data is your #1 asset. Computers are replaced, staff leave, and phones are dropped: but data is irreplaceable.

Our 18 point data disaster checklist ensures your data is secure against accidental or deliberate loss.

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My Cloud Phones PBX

My Cloud Phones PBXReplace your current on-premise PBX with a business grade My Cloud Phones cloud-hosted PBX.

You’ll start saving immediately with lower call costs, with greater long-term benefits life offshore staff, zero down time during moves, and no hardware repair costs.

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Kerio Connect Hosting

Kerio Connect Hosting IconKerio Connect is the leading alternative to Exchange and Office 365, and doesn’t spy on your email, like Google has admitted GMail does.

Kerio Connect offers mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and chat for all your staff, across all your Macs, Windows, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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Virtual Windows

Virtual Windows IconSometimes your Mac-based business has that one critical Windows app you just have to run.

iHelp IT can setup a virtual Windows PC, and make it available to all your staff, from your Macs and iPads, and to your local and remote workers.

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