Untangling domain names

A Tangled Mess

Most businesses start with one domain name. You’ve got one idea, you’ve found a .com.au domain name, you buy it, and you’re on your way with a web site.

Soon, though, you find the .com version is available, and decide to buy that one too. Then the .net version – just in case. You don’t want any cyber-squatting!

After a while you may branch out, starting an offshoot business, and an associated domain name with that. Then, you want to have a presence in another country so suddenly you have a .uk and a .nz version to add to your intellectual property toolkit.

Then one day you realise there’s an even better domain name for your business which you just have to have!

So one more.

Shortly after that you find out some of your clients can never spell your domain name, and often type something else, so you decide to buy the .com .com.au .net .uk and .nz versions of the misspellings.

Before you know it you’ve got 32 domain names racked up, which have been purchased from different registrars, using different credentials, are managed by different IT people, with domain name service, web, and email hosting ALL OVER THE PLACE!

And most of them aren’t even used any more!

A True Story

This recently happened to a client of ours, with over 30 domains in different countries, for different products and businesses, and with misspelled domains to cover all bases.

The problem was, when it came to changing hosting for some of the domains it was a nightmare to untangle this mess. There were primary registrars, their resellers, registrars which had been sold to other companies, and limited client knowledge as to login names and passwords.

In one case a registrar had two different sides to their business – one for the .au domains and one for the .com domains.

All up it’s taken about a day – on the phone to the client and suppliers, sending emails to registrars, on chat lines, lodging tickets for support, tracking down previous IT providers and previous hosting companies – to tame this awful mess.

The Lesson

This shouldn’t take so long, and is a doddle if you follow the 1-1-1 rule for domain names:

All domains should be managed by one IT provider, with one registrar, via one login.

It’s that simple.

Call Us

If you have a tangled domain nightmare call iHelp IT on 1300 469 622, and we can untangle it for you!

We will migrate all the domain names and domain name hosting to one account, with one login, so it’s easy to manage your intellectual property assets in the future.

All you have to do is reach out one time 🙂




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