Like most people, the partner and I work for a living. We both have full-time jobs, and in my case I have the added bonus of working on Saturdays selling tasty tasty bacon and egg rolls. Would you like to add halloumi to your roll? Sure, I get my breakfast free, but it also means I work 6 days a week.

This doesn’t leave much time for the mundane necessities of life like housework. More importantly, dusting and mopping and vacuuming and sanitising toilets and doing another load of laundry and wiping benchtops just don’t get me excited, know what I’m saying?

I want to enjoy my day off. It could be Xbox, retail therapy, boating, visiting the next indie hipster micro craft brewery, having a picnic, or just lazing on the hammock… In short, there’s more to life.

So, last week, I shamelessly entrusted the house cleaning to professionals. I know I’m late to this party, friends have done this for years, but my working-class background stopped me from partaking. However I finally gave in, like so many sinners before me.

And you know what? I love it. Like Michael said… “you won’t know yourself”.

But why did it take me so long? I already outsource everything else! I have a mechanic, I buy clothes which have already been manufactured, my bread is baked for me, and butchers kill animals on my behalf, presenting them to me ready to cook.

could do all these things on my own (except maybe not the butchering bit). I could retire from humanity, grow fruits and vegetables, keep bees, collect wood, build a shelter, collect grasses to weave into clothing, and I could make fire!

But I don’t.

As humans, we we hire other humans to work for us. We focus on the stuff that we want to do. The stuff that brings us joy. The stuff that makes us money.

Then we take that money and live the life we want to live.


iCare Apple Mac support maintenance agreement fixed price technical support and help

iCare loves maintaining your Macs!

Yet I’m constantly gobsmacked by the people which chose to DIY their computer maintenance, or (worse) make their staff do it themselves. Staff which are out there being paid tens of thousands a year, wasting so much time tinkering with and maintaining their Macs. They give a half-hearted effort to fixing that annoying Photoshop crash, or struggle with sending mail, and then give up, bravely soldiering on.

It’s crazy!

You work in an office, and rely on your computers 100% for your job, so why not get a professional to keep them running smoothly? Let the pro rebuild it when it’s giving you grief, configure that new office printer, run the boring (but important) software updates, and set up that new staff member.

Actually, I know a company which does this… We do!

And we’ve got a great product, which does it all for a miniscule fixed monthly fee, called iCare!

It’ll save your workers time, letting them do the things that bring them joy, and that make you money.

Give us a call on 1300 469 622 to find out how iCare can make you shameless 🙂












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