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Like so many years before it, 2016 is set to be another transient year. We’re already in February, and before you know it we’ll be in May, then October will appear before you get a chance to pop your head up again.

While this transience gives us a great opportunity to reflect and plan, it’s not a word which should apply to the continuity plan of your business data and processes, including your IT systems.

You may have dodged some bullets over the past year, so it’s time to plan to avoid them altogether, by putting into place a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

It’s time for resilience.

iHelp IT have a range of solutions to make your business IT resilient to both disaster and change.

Dramatic Disasters

The evacuations which took place as the 2014 Lindt Café siege unfolded are an extreme example of a disaster. Thousands were evacuated, and things didn’t return to normal in the city for almost 2 days. Less frequent but more devastating is a flood or fire. Recent extreme weather as the result of climate change demonstrate the random, uncontrollable nature of these events.

If your business premises were torn apart, razed to the ground, or swept away could you access your data? Could you answer your phones? Could you deliver work to your clients?

If your workplace was out for the count for 2 weeks would your business survive?

Common Catastrophes

While the scenarios above are possible, they occur far less frequently than the mundane, yet most business are not prepared for these common events either.

People want to work from home, staff travel for business, employees have babies, and (occasionally) the business moves location. Problems arise simply due to staff movements as they take knowledge with them. If Betty from accounts doesn’t have documented processes, how will her replacement, Bill, know where to start?

In these situations resilient systems become more vital, as money quietly slips out the door due to the loss of productivity.

Resilient Solutions

If your business can’t continue in the event of an unforeseen incident, or if everyday events present a challenge, then you are leaking money, and may not have a business after a disaster. You should consider better solutions.

iHelp IT can help you, with these solutions:

  1. DocumentSamePage is a system we’ve been using for years to document ( It’s cloud based, free, and accessible via your web browser.
  2. BackupTime Machine is built into every Mac, so a local NAS is perfect for daily backups. For extra security we use and recommend CrashPlan Pro ( – it’s only $11/m for your server.
  3. Cloud email – We offer Kerio Connect mail / contacts / calendar hosting ( We backup daily, give you 25 GB of storage per mailbox, and offer our personal touch for support.
  4. Cloud phones – Get rid of that clunky old physical PABX, and move to a cloud PABX with My Cloud Phones ( Setup takes under a week, costs are dramatically reduced, and you can connect all your offices to one system.
  5. VPN – Access your server from anywhere in the world with a Kerio Control router and super-secure, stable VPN.

Ready to be Resilient?

When you’re ready to create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to make your business resilient give us a call on 1300 469 622.


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