Apple wall plug safety recall

Apple has recently issued a recall of wall plugs for power adapters, and you should gather all your affected wall plugs – a.k.a. “duckheads” – and get them replaced, for safety’s sake.

How to tell…

You can tell if your adapters are affected fairly easily. Look on the back of the duckhead – the bit that plugs into the wall socket – and if you see 4 or 5 numbers then it’s affected. If it says “AUS” or some other 3 letter code, then it’s not affected.


What to do…

Visit your local Apple Store, and they’ll be happy to exchange the affected part of the adapters. Don’t bring the entire adapter – just the duckhead. If you have a bucket load it may be better to contact your local Apple Store Business Team first; they’ll be able to direct you.

Numbers and reasons…

Numerically, it’s a large recall, spanning over a decade of adapters which shipped with iPhones, iPads, Mac portables, Airport base stations, and even sold individually – probably somewhere in the hundreds of millions.

But there have only been 12 documented cases of faults, so statistically, it’s tiny.

So why the recall?

Simple – it involves electricity, and the possibility (however remote) of Apple’s customers being injured or killed. Apple takes safety very seriously, and it’s a testament to their commitment to quality and safety, and (above all) the customer, which has led them to take this proactive measure.

More information is available on Apple’s web site.




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