Old iPod

A thousand uses for your old iPod

If you’re like almost everyone in the world, at some point you had an iPod.

Which, at some later point, you replaced with a bigger and better iPod.

And both of them now lie idle, tucked away in a drawer somewhere… So, the clever folks at Business Insider have released a video with 5 uses for an old iPod.

And that’s nice… But I think we can do much better!

In addition to the 5 Business Insider uses, here are some that we thought of (maybe not 1000, but quite a few):

  • keep the kids entertained with games while at grandma’s
  • keep the kids entertained with movies on a long drive
  • take it out fishing; better to lose an old iPod at sea than your iPhone
  • attach it to portable speakers and play christmas carols under your christmas tree
  • donate it to a refugee, with english lessons, to give them a kickstart in Australia
  • attach it to micro speakers for some soothing, smooth background office music
  • keep thieves at bay by replaying a recording of an earlier party, while you’re away on holidays (think Home Alone)
  • regift it to grandma with her favourite old-time music; Christmas, sorted
  • watch Snakes on a Plane, and 6 other movies, on a plane, with no battery drain on your iPhone
  • use it for that little bit of extra storage for your 64 GB MacBook Air
  • empty out it’s innards and create a cool-looking cigarette box
  • bring it poolside for summer tunes with outdoor speakers, avoid possible water damage on your iPhone
  • dragged to a boring Opera House concert? bring your iPod and listen to what you want to hear instead
  • use it as prop for a video or play set way back in 2001
  • take it apart and learn a bit about electronics
  • install, boot, and run Mac OS X on your iPod classic… because, why not?
  • as a stocking stuffer for naughty kids (coal is so yesterday)
  • scrape out the insides and use it as a wallet when travelling; nobody steals old iPods!
  • make a hilarious “kids react…” video – it’s not a touch screen!!!
  • don’t unwrap it! instead hold onto it and sell it still in the box on eBay for $20,000!
  • grab a second iPod and turn them into a pair of speakers!
  • play really (really really) bad games

Seriously the list goes on an on… So enjoy the Business Insider 5, and then think of your own creative iPod re-uses.