You’ve hear about SSD – Solid State Drives – but what are they and should you get one?

SSDs are replacements for the spinning hard disk in your Mac. They have a couple of advantages over traditional hard disks:

  • They are smaller
  • They are much faster
  • They consume less power (important for laptops)

However, like all new technologies they aren’t without their downsides:

  • They don’t have the same capacity as hard disks
  • They are more expensive per gigabyte of storage


Should I consider SSD?

If your Mac it up to 5 years old then YES! And here’s why.

The latest Mac OS just works

Apple builds Macs to last, and Apple’s latest Mac OS, Mavericks, will run on Macs which were produced as far back as 2008, and even on one model from 2007!

That’s machines which are almost 7 years old!

Get a tremendous performance boost

In a PC World article from September 2013, replacing the hard disk with an SSD on a MacBook Pro increased it’s SpeedMark score by 55% (read the full article here).

The performance gains from using an SSD will be most noticeable in these areas:

  • Booting your Mac
  • Launching applications
  • Opening and saving files
  • Memory-hungry processes

An SSD won’t give you better processor performance; so Photoshop won’t render faster, but it will open and save faster.

Extended life = Saved money

Once you replace your hard disk with an SSD, the better performance will mean you’ll likely delay replacing the Mac for another 1-2 years, thereby saving you money.

Are SSDs for everyone?

If your Mac is over 5 years old it’s probably time to replace it; Apple doesn’t carry parts for Macs over 5 years old, as they’re considered “vintage”. And not in a hip, cool way.

Also, while SSDs will benefit all Macs running hard disks, you should consider how much storage you need before diving in. If you use gobs of space for images and video, and you must have it with you everywhere, then an SSD may not be for you.

I want one!

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