Need Windows Everywhere?

If your business uses Macs but you need to use one critical Windows application, we can help by running Windows virtually.

ThinPoint virtualisation lets you run Windows on an existing Mac server, a dedicated PC, or in the cloud, and access your business critical Windows app from your Macs.

You can even access Windows from your iPads.

ThinPoint lets you access Windows from your Macs and iPads, anytime.

Install Once

Installation is done only one time, and your staff have instant access to the Windows applications they need, with the same login as your Mac Server.

Get up and running faster, and have less down time.

Use Everywhere

Your staff can access to your business critical Windows applications directly from their Macs or iPads, using a range of Terminal Services clients.

And, access can be on-site or remotely, for maximum flexibility.

Save Money

There’s no need to buy a dedicated Windows PC.

ThinPoint shares Windows running in VMWare Fusion running on your current Mac OS X Server (or a Windows computer), with all your staff.