Data is Your Biggest Asset

Data is at the core of your business, so it’s vital to take the necessary steps to keep it safe from a range of possible events.

Data is the core of your business.

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Easy to Lose

Data loss can be devastating, and can come from so many sources, including:

  • Hardware failures
  • Accidental or deliberate action by staff
  • Deliberate action by third parties
  • Fire disasters
  • Theft

Hard to Replace

Replacing software and hardware is easy.

Insurance will pay for new furniture, equipment, and labour to put things back into place, but how do you get back lost productivity?

The fact is you simply cannot.

The solution is to prevent or minimise data loss impacting your business.

Be Data Disaster Ready

Protecting your business from a disastrous data loss is relatively easy.

Our comprehensive Data Disaster Checklist service examines every aspect of your business, ensuring that your business critical data is protected in a variety of ways.

We can analyise the current data threats and disaster readiness of your business, then recommend, implement, and test a plan to guard against the unthinkable.

This keeps downtime to a minimum, and your business back online quickly.

Data Disaster Checklist

Our 18 point data disaster checklist service makes sure your data is secure against accidents and deliberate acts, and prepares you for multiple possibilities.

We check these areas:

  • RAID: Guard against HDD failures
  • Warranties: Ensure warranties are in place
  • Firewall: Protection from internet threats
  • Access: Ensure correct staff access to data
  • Ownership: Check your domains
  • Remote wipe: For lost mobile devices
  • VPN: Ensure staff access resources securely
  • Plan: Create a defined recovery plan
  • Email: Learn how to identify against email attacks

  • Local backups: For everyday use
  • Cloud backups: For data disasters
  • Divide: Private and public information
  • Encrypt: Any critical information
  • Solutions: Replace consumer-grade solutions
  • Recovery: Attempt to recover lost hardware
  • Passwords: Enforce password policies
  • Archive: Store old information elsewhere
  • Ransomware: Guard against the latest online threats