The freshly minted, just released iOS 9 has been both maligned and praised in the media. Complaints about the inability to download the update abound – and that’s just silly – it’s like whining that there’s a long queue to a popular restaurant!

I downloaded iOS 9 before lunch, and installed it over my break. My first impressions?

Like anything new there are things to love and hate, but to my surprise iOS 9 falls very much on the love side of the fence, despite the glitches.


My iOS 9 first impressions are ?

Things you’ll probably love…

  • Onscreen keyboard… Finally you can see if you’re about to type in upper or lower case, direct from the keyboard. No more guessing.
  • iCloud Drive… iCloud Drive now has its own icon, so you can examine everything in there without opening the individual apps.
  • Active app management… Browsing of running apps now gives you a full preview of active apps, so you don’t need to open them to see what you were doing. And quitting those apps – much faster – swipe swipe swipe!
  • More memory… The smaller iOS 9 footprint means more room, especially critical for those with 8 or 16 Gb storage.
  • Social media integration… As an example, when you search for something on the maps there are the pins, and also a list, so it’s easy to see the McDonald’s with one star versus the ones with 4 stars, according to various social media measures.
  • It feels slick… Very surprising for a point zero release!
  • Pretty font!… For those of you that are into those sorts of things, the new San Francisco font renders so nicely on screen. It’s like that “just got out of the shower” feeling.
  • Better notes… The notes app has new features, like lists, formatting, addition of pictures, and you can even do little drawings – right there in the note itself.
  • Siri suggestions… Ever get a call from a number you don’t recognise? In iOS 9 Siri will search for that number in your emails and guess who might be calling you – makes you look totally professional.
  • Back to… You know when you’re in an app, and you click on something, and it takes you out, and you have to go back and find where you came from? Not any more… Just click on Back to in the top left, and you go back to the app you started in. Facebook, I’m looking at you…

And things you’ll probably hate…

  • Hidden photos… Remember those photos you took of your wife when she was pregnant? Or the ones of you before you lost 18 kg? Yeah… You can hide those from the casual observer; but only in certain albums. What’s the point?
  • Needs El Capitan… If you want to take advantage of the nifty new formatting features in Notes, and view those on your Mac, you’ll have to update your Mac to Mac OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”… Aaaahhh. No – not on a point zero release!
  • First call glitch… I couldn’t hear the first call I received after the update. As is often the case with technology, a restart fixed this, and all subsequent calls were perfect. I’m hoping it was just a coincidence.
  • Apple Maps… Yes it’s better with live traffic, but still pretty poor. Auto-redirection using the route you told it 4 times you didn’t want to go, lack of public transport (in Sydney, anyway), lack of location information – get it together Apple!

Buying advice…

Whether it’s iOS, MacOS, Windows, a new car, or your first wife… Our advise is to never go with a point zero release. Let the other schmucks figure out any kinks!

In this case I’m the schmuck; and even though iOS 9.0 seems a great point zero release logic dictates that should probably wait for 9.01 or, better yet, 9.02 before diving in.

If you do decide go forward then please, please, PLEASE, make sure you backup your iPhone first – just in case.