CryptoLocker virus for Mac? You betcha…

Recently I had a client who’s MacBook Pro was apparently infected by CryptoLocker. It’s unlikely that Mac users will […]

iPhone screen smashed? You’ll have to wait

Recently I headed to my local Apple Store, as my iPhone 6 Plus earpiece was barely audible, and I couldn’t […]

Renovating your office?

If you’re thinking of renovating your office there are a couple of people you need to contact:

A designer

Print from your iOS device to any printer

You invested all this money on an awesome printer for the office, and it’s running great, but there’s just […]

Time to upgrade to SSD?

Should I consider SSD?
If your Mac it up to 5 years old then YES! And here’s why.
The latest Mac OS just […]

Sign your name

Do you need to sign and send off documents sent to you in PDF format?

Do you first print out […]

The 2 click trackpad

Trackpads on Mac laptops are very versatile; single click, right-click, swipe up, swipe down, pinch, and zoom – they […]

Backup the backup

Recently a client asked what the difference was between Time Machine and a cloud-based backup.

It’s simple…

Time Machine is a […]

Are you a struggling Team Leader?

Would you benefit from having better relationships with your team?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then […]

Finicky Filenames

So you’ve been working hard on a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. You save it and give it a meaningful […]